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As a mathematics faculty, we are committed to doing all we can to help all of our students make excellent progress in mathematics.  Our aim is for all students to enjoy lessons, to be challenged to excel, to grow in confidence and ability, and to leave school equipped with the skills that will help them to reach their potential.

The mathematics faculty is made up of experienced, innovative and supportive teachers who deliver and facilitate learning designed to develop thinking skills, problem-solving, communication and independent learning skills.

Each year students will study number, algebra, ratio and proportion, Geometry and measures, Probability and statistics.

In order to facilitate this, we expect students to have a full set of equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, pair of compasses and a protractor/ angle measure) and a scientific calculator for every lesson.

 You can find more information on our mathematics curriculum by clicking on the links below.

Our aim is to encourage all students to ACT, SPEAK and THINK like a mathematician.