Multi-talented Year 8 Performing Arts Superstar hosts Lymm Radio Show

We have been so impressed to hear that one of our Year 8 students, Elizabeth Nelson, has been hosting a radio show ‘Kids Live at 5’ for Lymm Radio. Elizabeth is about to launch a new show ‘Kids at the Musicals!’ so she approached the Performing Arts department to get the low down on the LHS Musicals past and present. Elizabeth managed and delivered the interview with real professionalism and we know she is destined for a career in the Arts as either a performer or a presenter!  Well done Elizabeth!

You can hear the interview with Mrs Richards and Mr Starkey by listening to Lymm Radio on 21st June and by clicking here.

World Record Attempt for Largest Online Art Lesson

Lymm High School has been selected as an Art World Records Ambassador, and we have been invited to be part of breaking the world record for the largest online art lesson! This will be an official Guinness World Records title attempt so if we are successful, we will be making history…from home! Additionally, the project is raising money to help fight COVID-19 which is no doubt front of mind for us all.

The lesson will take place online on the 21st May at 4-4.30 pm. It will be led by World Book Day author and children’s book illustrator, Rob Biddulph. You might know him from #DrawWithRob (as seen on BBC or social media) or his books, ‘Odd Dog Out’ or ‘Blown Away’. The lesson is free to join and suitable for everyone at home. To count towards the world record, all you need to do is register at and join Lymm High School on the day.

We would like every one of our teachers, students and their families to attend. When we return to school, after months confined to our homes, wouldn’t it be great to be able to say that we were all part of breaking a world record!?

So please register at and pick up those pencils on the 21st May!

Virtual Careers Festival, 19th-22nd May

Registration is open for the Virtual Careers Festival next week.

The event starts on Tuesday morning at 11am with guidance on how the event will work. From 11.15am there will be access to some ‘Day in the Life’ videos to find out what certain jobs involve.  Videos will be released dependent on the industry category. Look on the main page of the website to find out what industry categories are available, and when they will be released. Live questions can be posed to people involved in those industries during the live streaming. You can choose to watch as many of the ‘Day in the Life’ videos as you wish and these will run across Tuesday and Wednesday. All videos will be available on line and you will be able to access these at your leisure.

Thursday is all about options for education and next steps. There will be information sessions on Further and Higher Education, Universities (including applying to Oxbridge) and Apprenticeships. There will be the opportunity to ask questions to the institutions involved.

Friday will give you the opportunity to find out more about applying for jobs (employability skills, writing your CV, discovering your passion and how to work with it, and how volunteering can help with your future, amongst others).

There is also the opportunity to win Work Experience and to get involved in some virtual projects and business challenges with prizes available.

This is a really exciting opportunity and offering for students to engage with so please try and take advantage of it.

An FAQ document (found here: can help students understand how to get the most out of the festival. For more information visit:

Update, 27th March 2020

Dear parents and carers

I hope the first week without school hasn’t been too challenging for too many of you. On the positive side, there has certainly been a real sense of everyone pulling together to make things work as well as possible and I have found this truly heart-warming.

A few points by way of an update here:

  • We will be open again next week for children of keyworkers and parents of vulnerable children. The only change to the last few days is that the usual school buses will not be running. Instead, minibuses will be deployed to pick up students on an individual basis from Monday and therefore we need a slightly different system.
    • Please email by 3pm the day before if your child needs a bus and tell us which bus stop they use; a minibus will collect them at roughly the same time as the normal school bus would. Even if you have been using the buses this week, please email this address over the weekend to let us know what you need for Monday.
    • You do not need to email everyday if your child will be using the bus regularly – please just let us know about the week ahead and if anything is changing on any given day.
    • If there is a problem with buses arriving in the morning, please tell your child to call school on 01925 755458 in the first instance or 07730 075996 (bus company emergency contact just for these children at this time if they get no response from school).
    • No more than four students will be in any one 16-seater bus so that social distancing can be properly employed and the council have plenty of minibuses available to facilitate this.
    • We are intending to stay open throughout the Easter holidays to support key workers, including the bank holiday if required. Please let us know using the same email address if you need us for this. Similarly, if you might need weekend childcare at any time, please let us know as soon as possible.


  • As parents and carers, please try not to put too much pressure on yourselves around supporting children with home learning. This is difficult enough to manage for those of us who are experienced teachers and we completely understand that many of you will be finding it very hard and might be feeling anxious about it. However, we all need to remember that these are unprecedented times and we can only do our best. Try to ensure students stick to some kind of routine as far as possible and try to show an interest, but be prepared to be flexible and don’t feel that you should know the ‘answers’ to all the work they are doing. As long as students are making an effort to complete as much work as they can in the time suggested, then that is all any of us can ask for. It really doesn’t matter if they are not finishing everything or if they do not understand every single thing they do. We will keep going with the work that has already been set for next week and then all of us can reflect on what has worked well and what we might look to change after Easter. In the meantime, as I say, please try not to worry.


  • Similarly, none of us want students getting upset because they are overwhelmed with work. We know of a few younger ones who are worrying about not finishing everything, but please reassure them that this is not a problem – it is impossible for teachers to set an amount of work that suits everyone and, on the whole, we have tried to err on the side of ensuring there is plenty to be getting on with. We do not expect every student to finish all of it and there is certainly no question of anyone getting in trouble for not doing so!


  • The government has released another, very brief statement on the grading of exams this summer. It doesn’t say anything new, but does say that further details are due next week. Rest assured that we completely understand people’s concerns about this and are eagerly awaiting more details.


  • Apologies to those of you who received Gateway/text messages about attendance last week. This was due to a glitch in the system, which we hope is now fixed.


  • Please note that telephone lines are not being regularly manned in school at the moment because, in line with government advice, we are trying to keep the number of staff in work to a minimum. The best way to contact us to email the relevant person.


  • We are in the process of setting up a portal on the website so that all information relating to school closure, work set and so on will be stored in one place. This should be up and running shortly.


  • A couple of people have asked about Year 9 option choices and when students will know. As you can imagine, this process has been delayed a little – but not by much and we expect to be able to let you know within a week or two of the Easter ‘holidays’.


  • Finally, watch out for information on challenges that we will be setting over the next few days to keep your children active at home. Prizes and hall points will be available! Sixth formers are invited to check out Instagram for the latest efforts at kicking teabags into cups, some of which are very impressive!

I think that’s it for now. Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Gwyn Williams