Year 6 Transition


I know that parents and pupils have many questions regarding the transition process that would usually be answered during my visits to primary schools or via a phone call.  Even though this year is very different I still want to ensure I answer as many questions as I can so that the transition is as smooth and as stress free as possible.  I have had a number of parents and children email me ( with queries,  I will answer the questions here as they come through. Mrs Worrall.

Parent’s Questions

I have not received any paperwork, how do I get a new welcome pack?

The post is very hit and miss at the moment,  all packs have been sent out however some may not have arrived yet.  In the documents section of this webpage you will find the welcome letter and all of the forms that were sent out in your welcome pack.

How do I get the forms back to you?

At the moment we only have a small number of staff working in school.  If you keep the forms for the time being we will update you on how and when to return them to school,  there is no rush to return them at the moment.

What do we do about uniform?

Mrs Ralph and Mrs Hill in the school shop have put through their order for next years uniform as normal, they are keeping an eye on delivery dates as this may be affected by the current situation.  If we are able to open the school shop it will be accessible during the summer holidays as normal.  At the moment we just have to wait and see what the situation as we get updates through.  All pupils that need new uniform will be in the same situation so do not worry if there are any delays.  I will keep you updated as to how and when you will be able to purchase uniform.

I always get to see the teachers at primary school when I drop my child off,  how do I speak to the teachers at Lymm and how do I find out who I need to speak to?

Communication can look very different at high school compared to primary school but that does not mean we don’t want to have the same level of communication.  Communication is key to the transition aspect of your child’s life at Lymm but also throughout their time with us.   At primary you will probably only deal with one teacher each year and maybe the Headteacher in some cases.  At Lymm your child will have a number of different teachers and staff that support them in different ways, so how do you know who to turn to?


If you have a question about a specific subject, this could be relating to classwork, homework or progress your first port of call is your child’s teacher,  you can do this via email or phone.

If it is a pastoral question or concern then we have a number of different people you can talk to.

Form Tutor

Your child will have a Form Tutor, they will see them each morning and they are there to look after them in school.  They will make sure that they start the day off with the right books and equipment, they will also pass out any messages to the pupils regarding trips and other school activities.

Student Services

We are incredibly lucky that we have an amazing team in Student Services.  Each year group is assigned a Pastoral Manager, this person looks after all students in the year group if they are having any problems at all, this could be a friendship issue,  information and support about attendance and illness, safeguarding concerns or general queries such as Bus Times, Extra curricular activities and lost property.

Head of Year

I am always available to support with any of the above.  I also teach and so sometimes I will not always be immediately available in which case you can contact Student Services.  The best way to contact me is via my email address (

The most important thing is to keep communicating,  when things go wrong often it is because we have not been made aware of something and we have to pick it up when it has already escalated.  Any concern to you is a concern no matter how small so please contact us.  If you call the main school number (01925 755458) Miss Ashton will put you through to the right person.

Student’s Questions

How will you know who I want to be in a form with?

I have sent an email to your Year 6 teacher asking them to get in touch with you to find out who are your 4 closest friends.  I can’t guarantee how many of these friends you will be in a form with and I am not able to do it in priority order as we have so many children in Year 7,  but you will be in a form with at least one of your friends on the list.  Nobody sees the list but me and your Year 6 teacher so it is completely your choice.

How can I find out what activities I can do at Lymm High School?

We normally start putting the list of extra curricular activities together in the last term.  We do not have a full list yet of all the activities but if you click on the link below you will be able to see the  activities that took place this  year.  There are so many to choose from and my aim as your head of year is to get everyone to sign up to at least one new activity per term.

Do you think we will be able to visit the high school before we start?

This is a great question, and one that I think a lot of Year 6 students will be thinking about.  Currently my honest answer is I just don’t know.  At the moment we only have 3 or 4 staff in a day looking after the children of key workers.  What I can assure you is that I am going to plan for a transition day,  if we are able to allow more pupils to come in I am going to endeavour to have your transition day as normal.  If that is not possible I am looking at other options for you so that we can make the transition a little smoother,  I don’t want you to feel like you have been thrown into the deep end.  What you need to remember is that whatever happens there are lots of staff in school to support you,  you will not be on your own and all of the other Year 6s will feel exactly the same.

What happens if I get lost?

This is something that all Year 6 students worry about.  Lymm High is a big school compared to your primary school and we would be amazed if you managed to find your way around with no problems.  For the first week all teachers will pick you up for your lessons.  For the first 2 weeks we let all new Year 7 pupils leave their lessons 5 minutes early, this gives you a little bit more time to get to where you need to be.  There is always staff on the corridors that will be able to help and the older students at Lymm are lovely,  they will always help out and take you to your lesson if you don’t know where to go.

All of your lessons when you start at Lymm are in form groups so you will be moving from lesson to lesson with your form,  this means that you are unlikely to be on your own if you do get lost.  We often have groups of 10 or 11 pupils turning up to student services because they don’t know where they are going.  Just remember there is always someone about that can help you,  just ask.

I have attached a map below that you can use to get an idea of the different blocks and room numbers in school – E Block is Science, Maths and Technology subjects,  B Block is Computing, Business and Media Studies,  A Block is Humanities, English and the library,  L and S Block is languages and the sixth form and D Block is music, drama and dance.

When will I find out what form I am in and who my Form Tutor is ?

I am getting some of the information back from your Year 6 teachers regarding your friendship choices.  Once I have this about everyone from your school I can start to put you into forms.  For a couple of schools I have done this already and so I am starting to put them into forms however I may have to make changes as I go along, it is quite a complicated process.  You will know what form you are in before you start in September and you will also know who your Form Tutor is.  Hopefully you may get to meet your Form Tutor before you start.

The links below will provide you with a pdf version of all documents sent out in the welcome pack.

 Welcome Letter

 Admission Form

 Biometric Consent Form

 Photograph Consent Form

 Gift Aid Form

 Development Fund

What joins us together across year groups and halls is competition, challenge and activities.  While we are all at home this does not stop and some of our faculties have sent out challenges and activities for all pupils to take part in.  As part of your welcome to Lymm High School we would like to give you the opportunity to take part in these challenges.  Make sure that you keep checking for new challenges, it would be great to see you take part.  You can follow all challenges on twitter @LymmHighSchool.

The Write off Challenge


Write off Challenge Video



All entries must be emailed to by the 22nd April 2020

Your challenge is to write 200 words about a character with an unusual pet.  Your writing can be:

  • A short story
  • A poem
  • The introduction to a story
  • Song lyrics
  • A section that would sit within a longer story

Winning submissions will be shared on our website and associated social media.  Make sure you send us your name and Primary School when entering the challenge.  Publications can be anonymous if preferred; if you do not want us to share your name on the website or social media let us know when you send in your submission.

Art Challenge


Upcycled Flowers – All picture entries must be emailed to by the 13th April 2020

Using materials that you find around the home be creative in making flowers using paper folding and manipulation techniques.

Winning submissions will be shared on our website and associated social media.  Make sure you send us your name and Primary School when entering the challenge.  Publications can be anonymous if preferred; if you do not want us to share your name on the website or social media let us know when you send in your submission.


Circles – All picture entries must be emailed to by the 17th April 2020

Use your phone to explore your home and be creative in taking photos in the theme of circles.  Edit using your camera’s editing software or even make a collage if you have taken more than one picture.

Winning submissions will be shared on our website and associated social media.  Make sure you send us your name and Primary School when entering the challenge.  Publications can be anonymous if preferred; if you do not want us to share your name on the website or social media let us know when you send in your submission.

09/04/2020 – The Art Challenge has been updated on the Challenges and Activities page – Questions and Answers have been updated on the FAQ page

09/04/2020 – A new section has been added “The history of Lymm High School”.  Keep an eye out for some amazing facts and photos of Oughtrington Hall.

With help from the site staff team I have been doing a bit of research into the history of Oughtrington Hall.  I find it fascinating and if you are ever lucky enough to go down into the cellars underneath Oughtrington Hall you can still see the original rooms where the kitchens would have been and the maids and butlers would have been busy looking after the family that lived there.  When you go into classrooms in B Block you can just imagine it being a bedroom, drawing room or dining room.  Have a look in the FAQ section for the map I have uploaded,  can you find where B Block is?  B Block is Oughtrington Hall.

The original ‘Oughtrington Hall’ sits in the middle of Lymm High School.  It was rebuilt from a manor house in 1810 by George Trafford whose family owned the estate from the 15th century.

In 1862 Oughtrington Hall was bought by George Charnley Dewhurst a cotton manufacturer from Manchester.  He made the Hall slightly larger and built St Peters Church across the road, this is where we have our Christmas Services.  Just think when you are sitting in your computing classroom you may well be sitting in what was George’s bedroom!