UCAS Admissions Process

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Click here for a presentation from the University of York that explains how to apply to a UK university/college, the timelines involved and top tips for personal statements.

Click here for for a presentation on the UCAS application process.

Click here for a presentation on a parents’ guide to university.

Click here to read a parent’s guide to university.

Click here for a guide to university for Yr 12s and Yr 13s

Students who are still finalising their personal statements may find this link helpful https://university.which.co.uk/advice/personal-statements/personal-statement-subject-guides-admission-tutor-tips

We were fortunate to have Durham University deliver a bespoke personal statement session with all of our Yr 13 students, the powerpoint which can be found here.


Clearing and Adjustment

Click here for information about the Clearing process and Adjustment.


Student Finance

Click here for an introduction to student finance.

Click here for a presentation on student finance from the University of Chester.

For further information about Student Finance 2020-2021 please click here.

Click here for a guide to understanding student loans.

Click here for a guide on the most common Frequently Asked Questions about student loads.


Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeship guide

Parent’s guide to degree apprenticeships

Click here to watch a film on What is a degree apprenticeship