PR1 Reports

Dear Parent/Carer,

Unfortunately, due to a glitch in the computer system our PR1 reports were created without the relevant conversion into text for both grades and attitude to learning. We apologise for this error and hope that it didn’t cause too much confusion. Please see below for the relevant conversion:

1 = Outstanding

2 = Good

3 = Not meeting expectations

4 = Serious Concern


For KS3 students the grading is as follows:


P = Platinum

G = Gold

S = Silver

B = Bronze

KS3 Assessments

Preparing for assessments is a skill that will help your child throughout their education, especially for their GCSEs and any qualification routes they choose post-16. As such, Lymm High School will be holding assemblies for each year group the week beginning 4th December.

To read a letter about your child’s upcoming assessments and assemblies click here