Face Coverings in School

Dear parents and carers

I’m sure we are all getting used to this now, but seemingly moments after Mr Thompson wrote with more details of the changes we are implementing for September, we saw another change in the government guidance! This time, the issue is face coverings in school.

The new guidance says that face coverings in certain parts of school are compulsory for schools in areas subject to local lockdowns. For schools in all other areas, it is now being left to the discretion of individual headteachers.

Taking everything into account, including the layout of parts of our buildings and especially the fact that we have a number of students and staff who live in Greater Manchester, we are minded to say we expect everyone to wear face coverings at certain times when we return in September. This would be where larger groups are congregating indoors or where we cannot be sure we can keep year group bubbles apart – most notably in lunch and toilet queues and during lesson changeovers.

To be clear, we would not be expecting anyone to wear them in lessons or outside during social times. You can also be sure we would make exceptions in individual cases where there is a particular need and that the policy would be regularly reviewed.

Assuming we do go ahead with such a policy, there are a few details that we need a little more time to think through and would aim to clarify these early next week.

In the meantime, if you have any strong feelings on the matter, please email info@lymmhigh.org.uk. We won’t have time to reply to all emails, but I assure you I will read them all and take any views into account.

Kind regards
Gwyn Williams