Letter from the new Head of Year 7 – Mrs Wagstaff

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to introduce myself as the new Head of Year 7 from half term 6 onwards. It is my pleasure to be joining this year group and beginning my journey with you all. I am looking forward to getting to know our Year 7s and you as their parents/carers. I very much see this journey as a partnership between us to support your child through their next few years here at Lymm High School.

Such a change can be difficult for children, especially when they have built a positive relationship with key members of staff, however I can reassure you that having just seen our current Year 11 through the school since they were in Year 7, I have lots of experience in working with, and supporting, students. I work very closely with the pastoral team who already know our Year 7 cohort and it is very much a team effort. I am currently working with Mrs Worrall and Miss McMullen as part of a handover process, and they will continue to support me through this transition period.

Miss McMullen will remain the Pastoral Support Manager for Year 7, whom many of the students already know and have built good relationships with. She will also continue to be on hand to support you with any issues or concerns you may have during the school day when I may be teaching and cannot respond immediately.

If you would like the chance to speak to us, please feel free to email hmcmullen@lymmhigh.org.uk who will be able to assist with any queries. If you require further support from myself, Miss McMullen will then make the necessary arrangements to ensure that we can arrange a suitable time to speak.

Kind regards,

Mrs J Wagstaff
Head of Year 7