Year 12 School Closure Guidance

Year 12 students have attended an assembly today which outlined the expectations and support which are in place for students during the school closure. We were incredibly impressed with their response to this and we thank them for being so responsible and for taking such uncertain circumstances in their stride. Teachers will be setting students plenty of work and students are expected to get on with this independently. The following guidance should also be helpful (see link). We will be in touch with students regularly through email and we will do out utmost to support all students through this difficult period. We wish you and our families good health and we look forward to returning to some normality soon. Mrs Jennings

Year 13 Update

In light of current circumstances, we have decided to allow all Year 13 students to go home after their assembly this morning.  We have promised them that they will have a leavers’ day and leavers’ prom, though we are understandably in no position to confirm when these will take place.

The students have handled this news with incredible maturity, and we would like to convey how proud we are of them and their hard work.

We are awaiting information from the government in light of what will happen with exam results.  We will follow government guidelines as they are released and will keep you informed via the school website.

What remains unchanged is our absolute commitment to every single Year 13 student. We will continue to do everything we can to support them through what we appreciate is a really trying time. Once again, we are incredibly proud of them.

Knowledge Organisers – reminder

Dear parents/carers

All students have been issued with a knowledge organiser folder, in which they keep their knowledge organisers for all subjects. It is expected that they have these with them in school at all times; they are part of expected equipment, and failure to bring their folder is likely to incur a sanction. Students should be using them in most lessons, as well as during self-quizzing time in form, so disadvantage themselves significantly if they arrive without them.

Please remind your child of the importance of having this folder with them at all times. Further information, guidance, and electronic copies of knowledge organisers can be found here.

Many thanks

Polite reminder – school start times

Polite reminder to all students that the school day starts at 8.25am.  Students should be on site and at their form room from 8.20am.

Pupils arriving late to school will be issued with a 30 mins standards detention the next day.  It is really important for students to be on time in order for them to have a productive day at school and we appreciate your support in achieving this.

Please note, if a pupil arrives late due to a bus issue, a late detention should not be issued.