The Leadership Ladder

One of the core aspects of our ethos at Lymm High School is the value we place on young people taking a full part in extra-curricular activities and, in particular, developing their skills and confidence in leadership. We interpret leadership inclusively, encouraging participation and active involvement in all areas of school life in the belief that this is essential to helping bring up socially responsible citizens capable of thriving in the modern world. The breadth and quality of our extra-curricular programme is a distinctive element of our school and something we are very proud of.

The Leadership Ladder is at the heart of our desire to ensure that all students get the full benefits of participation in a wide range of different activities and regular opportunities to develop their leadership skills.  Different levels of ‘Leadership Colours’ are awarded for each step on the ladder. Year 7 and 8 students work towards Lower Bronze, Lower Silver and Lower Gold Leadership Colours, achieving certificates, badges and Hall points to recognise their commitment. Year 9, 10 and 11 students work towards Upper Bronze, Upper Silver and Upper Gold Leadership Colours.

At each level, students must complete at least 5 leadership activities from a specific list in order to achieve the award. Once students have achieved the Gold award, they can work towards the Platinum Community Leadership Award, where they must complete 20, 50 or 100 hours of volunteering in the community as well as make a short presentation about the volunteering they have been involved in.

Form tutors sign off the activities in students’ planners and Leadership Colours are awarded in assemblies every month. Badges are worn proudly on the school blazer. Students gain 10 Hall points for a Bronze award, 20 points for a Silver award, 30 points for a Gold award and more for a Platinum award.

The list of activities available for each step of the Leadership Ladder can be found here.

Academic Year 2017-2018

Last year, the following number of Leadership Colours were awarded:

Student Testimonials

“Leadership Ladder makes you a kinder, more well-rounded person and builds your confidence. It has encouraged me to go and help the community and I am now working towards my Platinum Community Leadership Award. I now feel more confident to lead groups of children, speak to adults, organise things and participate in new activities”

Katie Richardson (Year 10), Lower Gold & Upper Bronze

“I took part in inter-hall cross-country, sports day, table-tennis club and Masterchef. I really enjoyed the activities that Leadership Ladder encouraged me to take part in because I now feel confident cooking. I think other people should get involved with it because you can find something you’re really good at”

Max Heale (Year 10), Lower Bronze

“Leadership Ladder has encouraged me to get involved with even more activities in school and made me believe that I can do things I didn’t think I could before”

Sam Bowyer (Year 10), Lower Silver

“I was keen to achieve my Leadership Ladder colours because I knew it would look really good on my CV”

Mira Procter (Year 11), Upper Silver

“I would encourage a new Year 7 to work towards their Leadership Ladder awards because it will help them to get more involved in school life and make them feel much more confident, like it did me”

Sadie Fairhurst (Year 10), Lower Bronze

“I was glad I got my Leadership Ladder Bronze and Silver awards because they made me get involved with school and also get lots of Hall Points which helps your Hall do well and can win you prizes”

William Sorsby (Year 9), Lower Silver

“Leadership Ladder has given me increased confidence because I can now coach younger children at hockey. I would really recommend a new Year 7 gets involved with Leadership Ladder because it will boost their learning and confidence in school”

Patrick Dempsey (Year 9), Upper Silver